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    Monday, September 29, 2014

    Mentally Fit Program

    Mentally Fit provides quality physical education, whereby students have an opportunity to learn meaningful content with appropriate instruction and assessments, is an evidence-based recommended strategy for increasing physical activity.6

    Mentally Fit meets the criteria for using evidence-based strategies by providing meaningful content through quality physical education and appropriate instruction with physical activities led by educated, trained professionals. Mentally Fit is led by Mr. Ron Johnson who has worked in professional sports, residential settings, and with children and youth struggling with mental health and behavioral disorders. Skilled adaptation to meet the needs of children and youth with challenges sets Mentally Fit apart from its’ competition. Mentally Fit is designed to build on social and emotion regulation skills while engaging children and youth in fun, fitness building activities. We provide the skills and knowledge that all children and youth need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Mentally Fit believes that all children and youth deserve equal opportunities for physical mental well-being. As such, we accommodate children and youth with special health-care needs and/or disabilities and can tailor services to alternative educational settings.

    The goals of the Mentally Fit program include helping children and youth:

    • Increase physical fitness
    • Increase the mind-body connection
    • Increase social knowledge, interactions, connections, and support
    • Increase positive coping to replace maladaptive behaviors
    • Increase leadership and assertiveness
    • Mentally Fit provides an environment that fosters physical exertion, teamwork, character-building, positive communication, and the attitude and skills needed for effective social interactions.

    The Mentally Fit program starts by collecting baseline data for each child and youth to assess their current fitness level. Mentally

    Fit works with clients to develop appropriate goals, providing experience in setting measurable and achievable goals. Goal-setting is a learned skill that has significant impact on performance.29 All clients receive individualized plans with activities tailored to make improvements from the initial assessment. The Mentally Fit program typically takes 3-6 weeks and includes a breadth of activities to improve fitness as well as social and emotional goals.

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